Recent updates: Switch from WebPageTest Google Lighthouse to test pages and determine ranking.

Why? A number of reasons: WebPageTest moved to a paid API model. Lighthouse performance metric solves for relying on Speed Index alone as a health indicator, is integrated in Chrome browser, and available as a service too.

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Developers, designers, and product need to talk more on how to achieve this. A 1,700 word article might weigh 10KB but by the time you load HTML, JS, CSS, images, 3rd-parties, and ads, it can range between 2MB to 8MB depending on the web site. Bear in mind, the first Harry Potter ebook is 1.1MB and that includes cover art.

Tests run hourly, and web pages get tested 2-3 times a day. Results are running average of last 3 days with a focus on Mobile.


All data and test results are publicly available:


The original leaderboard relied on to run nightly tests.

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